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Web Design

The total cost of a website can vary based on different things.

Firstly, the project size – the number of pages, posts, products an so on makes difference on the price.

Secondly, the functionality of the website plays a role in determining the total cost of a website as more complex functionality takes more resources.

My standard websites for businesses comes with image gallery, blogs, mobile responsive and Maps, etc.

Lastly, the price varies between the size of agencies itself. Bigger agencies need to provide their staff so they need to charge more compared to smaller studios.

The cost for eCommerce websites varies hugely based on the size of the online store. 

I also provide more affordable One-Page Website In a Week service which is ideal for someone who wants brochure style website without too many functionality. To know more about it, please feel free to contact me using the button below.

It depends on the size of the website and the project scope.

For a standard Small Business Web Design, it takes me about 4 weeks to plan, design, build and publish your website.

For One Week website, as the name suggests, I can get the website up and running within a week.

For eCommerce websites, it can take up to 8-12 weeks depending on the scope of the project.

p.s. Web design process can often be delayed because of clients taking longer time to provide contents such as images & texts, along with feedbacks and revision approvals.

Contact me via the Get A Free Quote form in my Contact page.

Or you can call me on my number 0434 965 528 and talk to me about your project. (Please note I may not be available to pick up the phone all the time so I prefer email or contact form for communication).

WordPress & SEO

WordPress is the World’s most popular Content Management System (CMS) that is responsible for 37% of all websites and 60% of content management systems.

I use it to build beautiful converting websites which also lets my clients to add and edit contents themselves if they want. 

I do not like to use templates because every business have different needs and requirement which cannot be fulfilled by using ready made templates. 

I, however, use Elementor page builder. This lets me custom design every website from the scratch. I do not hard code the whole website because I want my client to be able to make tweaks or update information themselves without having to learn code for that purpose.

All of my websites that I design are 100% mobile responsive. 

While I am not an “expert” on SEO, I provide standard SEO Optimisation for every website.

I set up RankMath plugin on WordPress and optimise every page with the same.

I also create Site Title and Tagline along with Meta Description.

Images should not have file named as “image454.jpg” if it’s on your website. I resize and rename all images with proper names and implement ALT text on all images.

If you want ongoing SEO Service, I suggest you to go to an SEO “expert” provider who focus solely on SEO. The website I design for you already comes with standard SEO practice so you will get traffic organically anyway. 

Please note that ongoing or one-off SEO Specific service can be very expensive.


After the project proposal is approved from you, an initial 50% invoice will be issued to you and needs to be paid for me to start going. Remaining 50% of the amount will need to be paid on the day we go live!

For web design payment, I will send invoice with bank details. You can transfer directly to my bank account.

Website Hosting, Maintenance & Support

I provide Hosting & Maintenance Plan to all my clients whose websites I build. This includes Hosting, Editing, Updates (Plugins &  Themes), Backups, Security and more. All of this for just $65 a month for standard website. It’s really a no-brainer. 

The main reason for me to provide this care plan is to ensure you can focus on your business while I can take care of your website and everything related to it.

To read more about my Hosting & Maintenance service, click here.

You can use your own hosting and manage the website yourself. Please be careful that if you opt to self manage your website, you will need to purchase your own licenses for plugins, perform your own backups and security checks, and do regular updates to make sure your website runs smooth and doesn’t get hacked or get lost in the web. 

Yes! If you wish to edit contents yourself, I can make a tutorial video on how to do so. If you’re under my Hosting & Maintenance plan, I can do those small edits for you for no extra costs.

What if I have other question?

If you have any other questions, simply fill this contact form, I will get back to you via e-mail.

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