Website Care Plan

Hosting, Maintenance and Support for your website

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Whats included

Here’s a snapshot of the key components that make my website care plan invaluable for my clients.

Website Hosting

I offer premium hosting for all my clients so you have a piece of mind while I take care of security, performance, optimisation and ease of use.

Monthly Edits

Every month I will provide 1 hour worth of updates and changes in the website for free. This may include updating Special of the month or add some stuff to the website.

Plugins Updates

One of the main reasons for a website to get hacked is outdated plugins. I do scheduled updates for WordPress, Plugins and Themes to ensure the websites are running smooth and secured.

Phone & Email Support

As a client of mine, you can text me or send me an email anytime, I will make sure to get back to you within 24 hours, even on the weekends.

Website Backups

Backing up your website consistently is critical for various reasons. I provide daily backup for up to 7 days along with monthly backup on a different platform too.

SSL Certificates

SSL certificate keeps user data secure and prevent attacks from creating fake version of site. I provide FREE SSL certificate to my clients under the maintenance plan.

Monthly Reporting

I provide an in-depth (but not overwhelming) monthly report which shows recent updates, optimisation and analytics for the month.

Up-Time Monitoring

One of the special tools I use monitors the "up-time" of the website every 5 minute so if, by any chance the website gets down I know about it and can get to fix it straight away.


I use tools designed to monitor your website traffic and activity, including bots trying to spam your website with fake form submissions.

The risks of unprotected sites

Here are just a few of the most common scenarios of unmaintained websites:

Website Hack

If your website is not maintained and protected, a hack will occur sooner or later.


If your website isn't optimised, it will load and perform slower as time passes affecting conversions and sales

No Backups

You could completely lose your website's content and progress if a breach happens and you dont have consistent backups.

SEO Implications

Google considers non maintained websites as digitally "dead" and won't rank them on searches.

Website Legitimacy

If your website has any glaring issues such as a down SSL Certificate or notices of an unsecure connection, it affects traffic and brand legitimacy.

It's All On You

By not having your website cared for monthly, everything I cover in our plan is on you and will cost you in tools, time and unneeded stress.

My Monthly Care Plans

Essentials Plan suits standard small business website with lower web traffic.

Ecommerce Plan is for secure and reliable online stores with higher traffic. This includes restaurants and takeaway shops websites which lets customer make online purchases.


$ 65
Per Month
  • Hosting included
  • Premium Plugins Licenses
  • Monthly Backups kept on file for 90 days
  • Daily backups (Stored for 30 Days)
  • Updates (WordPress, Theme, Plugins)
  • SSL Certificate
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Server Level Caching
  • 1 Hour of website updates
  • Monthly Website Care Report


$ 90
Per Month
  • Hosting included
  • Premium Plugins Licenses
  • Monthly Backups kept on file for 90 days
  • Daily backups (Stored for 30 Days)
  • Updates (WordPress, Theme, Plugins)
  • SSL Certificate
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Server Level Caching
  • CDN (14 global locations)
  • DDoS Protection
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • 1 Hour of website updates
  • Ecommerce Support
  • Monthly Website Care Report

Monthly Reports

At the end of every month, I send out a monthly report which contains a quick overview of what happened over the last month such as Updates, Backups, Analytics, and Security. 

  • Update details: Plugins, Themes, and WordPress
  • Update history: Plugin version and update date history
  • Backups: Monthly backups created on this platform (I do daily backups on a different platform)
  • Analytics: How many visits you got over the month
  • Analytics: Details on the source of traffic
  • Security: Weekly security scan check details

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